Poke Bros recently opened in Marlton

The Johnny Utah signature poke bowl.

Courtesy of eatpokebros.com

The “Johnny Utah” signature poke bowl.

Poke bowls are adored by many, and now at the new Poke Bros in the Marlton Square shopping center, those who crave this Haiwan cuisine have a place where they can enjoy creamy, fresh, and extremely appetizing Poke Bowls.

Poke Bros offers an assortment of signature poke bowls, as well as the option to create your own bowl. They have six signature bowls, each with a different fish or meat option. Their most popular item has been the “Da Kine,” which is a bowl that includes marinated tuna, a variety of vegetables, and two different sauces.

The manager of this franchise location, Kyle Li, says how “compared to a regular sushi roll you get more food and…more [of a] variety of things like with the sauces,” when eating a poke bowl.

Li explains that to serve fresh fish to their customers, they purchase their products from a Japanese company that delivers to their location every few days.

For the make-your-own-bowl option at Poke Bros, there are many different ways to customize the bowls. Customers select the base they prefer, protein options, vegetables, sauce to add additional flavor, and toppings such as tempura flakes and sesame seeds.

Along with the bowls, Poke Bros serves mochi, a common Japanese dessert with dough on the outside, and your choice of ice cream wrapped inside the dough. Eleven different flavors of mochi are displayed on their menu including green tea and passion fruit.

At Poke Bros, I ordered three different bowls, their signature “Johnny Utah” bowl, along with two custom bowls. The “Johnny Utah” bowl consisted of salmon, avocado, edamame, cucumber, masago, OG sauce, and sriracha aioli. What stood out immensely about this bowl was the creaminess that the sauces added, as well as the freshness of the salmon. This bowl was my personal favorite out of the three.

For the first custom bowl, I added both marinated and spicy tuna, cucumbers, edamame, mangos, brown rice, seaweed salad, and soy sauce. The tuna, just like the salmon, was very fresh and added an abundance of flavor to the bowl. The vegetables tasted very fresh and added a nice crunch to the poke bowl.

The other custom bowl was made of spicy salmon, brown rice, carrots, seaweed salad, avocado, cucumbers, tofu, sweet soy, and sriracha aioli. The spice of the salmon added flavor to the bowl without overpowering it, which I really enjoyed. All three bowls were very delicious, and each included fresh and filling ingredients.

For something sweet, I ordered mochi in the green tea flavor. This mochi was soft and powdery, and its sweetness made for an exquisite dessert.

The customer service and cuisine at Poke Bros were very pleasing. With a scrumptious, large variety of food, this restaurant makes for an excellent meal option.