New York during the month of July


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There numerous activities and events to experience during the summer in New York.

The New York City winter that we all see in movies gleams with lights, ice skating, and attractions during the cool autumn and winter months. However, the best time to visit New York City is undoubtedly the summer. Each area in the big city has its own unique experience to offer.

Primarily, uptown Manhattan has all of the good food. Though there are acclaimed restaurants all over the city, Uptown has some of the best for outdoor dining. Though the innumerable options may be overwhelming, some great restaurants are specifically located in Harlem. From a diverse range of foods, some of the best located from 116th-122nd street include Sottocasa Pizza, El Encanto De Lola, and Indian Summer. The ambience, service, and quality in most New York City restaurants are near impeccable, but these three restaurants are a must: especially since the waiting time is slim to none.

Food and entertainment are the two main things that bring people together, and the latter is incomparable to what downtown Manhattan offers. From the highline, to Chelsea Market (which, by the way also has some amazing food) to the vessel, the best attractions reside in the south. The best place to do some running is on 14th street; Right near the East River. A must visit is the Washington Square Park fountain; Aside from the relaxing and peaceful experience, some painters love to showcase their work and others showcase their musical talents. Downtown Manhattan is the place to stroll on a mid-summer’s evening for a relaxing adventure.

Midtown Manhattan (tourist town) is notorious for the pinnacles that draw in international visitors in all four seasons of the year, but not many people know about some of the hidden gems that reside in that area. To expand your cultural history, visiting the World Trade Center to pay your respects is one of the first things you can do in Midtown.

Further, though Times Square, Central Park, and Broadway Street are at full capacity at all times, some other places that are not as infamous but are definitely worth the visit are New York’s Fresh Squeeze and Greenacre Park. The former, a faux lemon Park is a must visit during the late evening hours- when the area is illuminated. Faux Park, this Lemon Garden appears to be something out of Alice in Wonderland and even smells like lemons. Beside this garden lay mini tables and chairs by a Whole Foods, so if you want a late night snack outside, this garden is the place for you. If you really like the mystical feeling that Fresh Squeeze Brings, Greenacre Park is definitely your cup of tea. Sitting by the waterfall, Greenacre Park is a must to catch up with a friend, gather your thoughts, or eat an early lunch.

Overall, the summer is undoubtedly the best time to enjoy the big apple. To enjoy the City, you must experience what the city has to offer to the fullest. These outdoor experiences will surely give you the day, week, or even month vacation you need, while exposing you to the most diverse city in the world.