REVIEW: New restaurant melds patriotism with delicious BBQ fare


Courtesy of The Business Journals

Mission Barbecue finally opened in Marlton, and is a great place to order anything barbecue.

Mission BBQ, a newly opened restaurant chain in Marlton, NJ, merges its love for all things barbecue and its patriotic beliefs into a casual restaurant. 

 When I first entered the eatery, the multiple veteran posters, firefighter badges and police pictures greeted me. These decorations added patriotism to the cozy atmosphere.  The staff even conducted the pledge of allegiance. The ambience was relaxed, with the constant football games playing and quiet chattering from the tables. 

Along with an indoor seating capacity of up to 98 people, there is also an outside dining option that can seat up to 28 people.

When ordering, I had to go up to the cashiers in the front of the restaurant. After my order was recorded, I waited and watched on the side while my food was cooked and assembled. The line for ordering on a Saturday evening was very long. The service was slow, as the restaurant was packed. Following twenty minutes of waiting, my order was ready. After the cashiers called my name, I brought my food back to the tables. 

The unique thing about this restaurant is that there is no tipping. However, the waiters and waitresses worked hard to clean the tables, explain the menu to the customers and help carry trays for anyone who was short of a hand. 

I first started with their handmade tea, which was cold and refreshing with an underlying bitter taste.  I’d give the tea a 10/10. It wasn’t overpoweringly sweet and you could still taste the tea.

Not only did I order tea, but I also ordered the brisket with a side of hand cut fries. Presentation wise, my order was slightly disappointing. A complementary cut of cornbread accompanied the tin tray, but the lone pile of meat looked unappealing. Although the appearance was not great, the taste of the barbecue was authentic and had a kick of heat. Tender and juicy with pink marbling in the center, the brisket is definitely a must-try. 

The square of cornbread was sweet and crumbly, though very dry. It would be best to have a beverage at hand to balance out the dryness.

After the brisket, the coleslaw was a nice refreshing twist after the heavy course. There was a little too much mayonnaise dressing, but the crunchy lettuce and carrots balanced out the amount of sauce. 

Maggie’s Mac-n-cheese was warm and hearty, although the cheese was starting to separate from the slightly mushy noodles. Definitely something to order, if you’re looking for a hot dish.

The Bay-B-Back ribs, however, was the star of the show. The medium-rare cooked, tender meat was falling off the bone.  Additionally, the smoky and sweet spice mixture on the outside of the ribs perfectly complemented the Texas Twang sauce. Although this tasted delicious, there was one downside.  The rub on the ribs was very salty. 

Mission BBQ is the perfect spot for a quick bite to eat.  It is great for a casual lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is very relaxed, even though the restaurant can get quite crowded. The food is delicious and the restaurant showcases a variety of good quality barbecue at reasonable prices.

I would totally recommend eating at Mission BBQ.  It was an overall great experience. If you want to dine here, you can visit Mission Barbecue on 545 Route 73.