Michelangelo’s new location satisfies hungry families with rich Italian atmosphere

Rebecca Ohnona ('12)

Michelangelo’s has been famous for their pizza for the last 20 years. Although they have been very successful, they were receiving some complaints from their customers regarding a shortage of parking spots.Therefore, they made the decision to move a block away. The former pizza place turned heads as it evolved into a more upscale family restaurant. Although there were only a few entrées added to the menu, the restaurant seems to have completely changed.

The atmosphere remains calm and friendly, but the new deep brown comfort flooring, granite tabletops and beautifully painted walls make for true family dining. In addition, the Italian music played in the background provides a true cultural experience.

The meal begins with many appetizers. The bulk of the appetizers are salads, such as a House salad, Caesar salad and Tuna salad. The Caesar salad is very light and lacks the normal tangy, cheesy, garlic taste. This large salad only has lettuce and croutons. The House salad includes lettuce, a tomato, and one cucumber, a very plain introduction to the filling meal.

Among the other appetizers is a pepper and mozzarella dish ($7.45). The cheese is spongy and tasteless, but the peppers are fresh and full of flavor. Unfortunately, the appetizers are not very good in comparison to the entrées.

The entrées include multiple fish dishes, pastas and meats.

The Salmon Florentine ($18.95) is served on a large plate. It includes a soft and delicious piece of salmon, spinach, tomatoes and pasta of your choice. The meal is brilliant in comparison to the appetizers. The salmon tastes light, fresh and delicious. Another fish on the menu is the tilapia ($18.95), which includes red and yellow tomatoes and pasta of your choice. The fish was decent but the pasta was served cold.

One great entrée was the Eggplant Parmesan. The huge portion only costs $14.95 but is soft, moist, hot and delicious. However, the pasta underneath was also served cold.

Desserts include 3 cakes, a canoli, chocolate chip gelato, vanilla and amarena cherry gelato and lemon gelato.

Despite the unimpressive appetizers, we left the restaurant with full stomachs, satisfied with the meal we consumed. I would definitely recommend attending this restaurant with your family on any Sunday night.