Mia’s Meals opens in Haddonfield, NJ


Jillian Koenig '24

From left to right:“Falafel Pita,” “Shawarma Fries,” “Tahini Shake”

 If you’re in need of delicious falafel, look no further because Mia’s Meals Falafel Bar is now open in Haddonfield, NJ. 

During quarantine, Mia Eylon, owner of Mia’s Meals, started meal prepping at home to keep busy. Her family soon encouraged her to start posting her meals on social media. After seeing an impressive response of people wanting her food, Eylon decided she wanted to open a storefront. Mia’s Meals opened on June 20.


“I love cooking, I love seeing people eat food, I love seeing people enjoy eating good food.

I just felt it was a need for our community to have something authentic, something friendly for everybody,” Eylon said. 


Mia’s Meals is definitely friendly for everybody given that it’s kosher, vegan, and gluten-free (except for the pita). Some of the most popular dishes on the menu are the “Falafel Pita” and the “Falafel Bowl”.


I got the “Falafel Bowl,” the “Falafel Pita,” the “Shawarma Fries” and the “Tahini Shake.” The “Falafel Bowl” and the “Falafel Pita” are very similar. The pita has all of the same contents that the bowl has — falafel, hummus, Israeli salad, Israeli pickles, and tahini — except everything is stuffed inside a fluffy pita. Both dishes were very tasty and full of flavor.


The “Shawarma Fries” was my favorite part of the meal. The fries were freshly made (I was able to watch them be made while waiting for my food). They were seasoned with shawarma seasoning and came with a side of tahini.

The final item that I got was the “Tahini Shake”. While I did not expect to like this shake because I don’t generally like tahini, I was greatly surprised. The shake was creamy, sweet, and delicious. The “Tahini Shake” is made with tahini, date syrup, and almond milk.


I ordered my food at the restaurant but you can also order online for pick up or delivery. While online ordering is a new feature, Eylon said that it has been a plan since the beginning to eventually set it up. 


Eylon said that she possibly plans on adding a seasonal soup or soup of the week in the winter but, besides that, the menu will be staying the same.


You can view the menu and order online at miasmeals.com. Mia’s Meals is located at 3 S Haddon Avenue, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.