Mari BYO Restaurant Review


Courtesy of Philadelphia Inquirer

Mari BYO is a great restaurant in Philadelphia

As I entered Mari BYO, a relatively new Italian seafood restaurant located in the tightly packed Queen Village in Philadelphia, I was immediately hit by its welcoming ambiance. This was created by not only the cozy outdoor seating area but also by the lively waitresses at the counter and kitchen at the front of the restaurant.

In addition to the stacks of tableware lined up on the front counters, the wall decor also added to the warm environment of the restaurant. The restaurant includes an indoor seating area as well as several tables for outdoor dining.

Although I arrived at Mari BYO only a few minutes after its daily opening hour at 5 pm, there were already several customers present. Despite being open during the COVID-19 pandemic and going through numerous difficulties, it seemed like Mari BYO was receiving good business.

When asked about his favorite dish, owner and chef Kevin Addis says he cannot choose. “Every dish is good in its own right, in its own light.”

I ended up ordering a dish of calamari and the smoked salmon spread. For someone that does not like seafood much, these dishes were not bad. The calamari came with cherry pepper aioli and balsamic, topped with a dash of lemon and parsley, while the smoked salmon spread consisted of crispy grilled Italian bread, heirloom tomatoes, and buttery prosciutto.

Any seafood enthusiast would agree that although it is high-priced—with appetizers ranging from 12 to 14 dollars and entrees ranging from 24 to 28 dollars—the seafood doesn’t lack in quality.

“I took over this restaurant before the pandemic… [and] remodeled this place before the pandemic started,” said Addis about opening Mari BYO, his second restaurant.

Having dedicated a lot of money and effort to remodeling the restaurant and preparing for its opening, once he was struck by the COVID pandemic he still wanted to open. “It’s been nothing but difficulties… nothing but one difficulty,” Addis laughs. He hopes for Mari BYO “to stay open and become successful”.

You can help make Addis’ hope come true by visiting Mari BYO at 795 S 3rd St in Philadelphia. Mari BYO is open from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm on all days of the week with the exception of Mondays and Tuesdays.