Longshore Breakfast and Lunch reopens as Longshore Restaurant, featuring Marianne’s Cafe

Marianne Powell, the head chef of Longshore Restaurant, featuring Mariannes Cafe loves to teach aspiring cooks and is thrilled to be in the kitchen again.

Julia Sitnick ('25)

Marianne Powell, the head chef of Longshore Restaurant, featuring Marianne’s Cafe loves to teach aspiring cooks and is thrilled to be in the kitchen again.

And just like that… Chef Marianne Cuneo Powell is back in action, cooking up old favorites at the new Longshore Restaurant, featuring Marianne’s Café in Marlton, New Jersey which opened on February 23, 2022.

Just one month ago, opening a new restaurant was the last thing on Powell’s mind, but after getting a call from a longtime friend, Powell was intrigued. A group of investors wanted Powell to be the chef at a new gourmet restaurant located in the space that was formerly Longshore Breakfast and Lunch. After seeing the fabulous space, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to bring her French fusion cuisine back to South Jersey. Following her heart, Powell grabbed her treasured recipes from A Little Café, a popular Voorhees restaurant that closed in 2014, and hit the ground running.

The menu reflects Powell’s training in French cuisine. (Julia Sitnick (’25))

Powell, who grew up in Haddon Heights has been working in local restaurants since she was a teenager. After graduating from the Philadelphia Restaurant School, Powell apprenticed at several South Jersey restaurants before realizing her dream to open her own restaurant. Powell trusted her instincts and knew that her amazing cooking would bring in customers. At age 28 she opened her first restaurant, A Little Café with her cousin. Three years later she was featured as a top chef on the cover of Philadelphia Magazine.

The filet mignon is served with rice, assorted vegetables, and a potato. (Julia Sitnick (’25))

In recent years, Powell worked in a variety of settings including restaurants, catering, and during Covid she cooked for the homeless in a soup kitchen in Camden. Powell has a kind and energetic personality and loves to feed people creative food that tastes amazing and has a beautiful presentation. Powell describes the food at Longshore Restaurant Featuring Marianne’s Café as a French influenced international cuisine.

“I like to do a variety of foods, but mostly the sauces come from the background that I learned cooking French. . . For example, I have duck spring rolls with an Asian ginger sauce or nut crusted salmon with a strawberry banana brown butter sauce. I use a lot of butter, garlic and shallots in almost everything that I cook,” said Powell.

The restaurant is currently using the original menu from A Little Café, which features classic dishes such as Crab Cigarettes, French Onion Soup, and Marianne’s Meatloaf. Powell plans to expand the menu to offer daily specials, including 2 appetizers, 3 entrées, and a different soup each day. Creative vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options are always available, and Powell happily accommodates diners with food allergies.

Longshore Restaurant, featuring Marianne’s Cafe offers many unique appetizers including crab “cigarettes.” (Julia Sitnick (’25))

Plan to save room for the delicious homemade desserts. Powell recommends her award-winning signature white chocolate bread pudding which won the best dessert in Philadelphia and beat George Perrier from Le Bec Fin. The dessert does not disappoint, and it tastes just as good as it looks.

According to Powell, their signature white chocolate bread pudding won the best dessert in Philadelphia.  (Julia Sitnick (’25))

“It’s so important to plate it right. I’m really particular about it. It has to be pretty and taste good,” said Powell.

Powell loves to teach aspiring cooks of any skill level and invites interested students to apply for a job in her restaurant.

In addition to the wonderful food, dining at Longshore Restaurant Featuring Marianne’s Café feels special. Everyone working at the restaurant is friendly and knows the menu. The dining tables are covered with white linen and set with elegant glasses, silverware, and candles. The walls contain a variety of old and new photos and paintings, many of which hung on the walls of A Little Café. It is a comfortable place to sit and enjoy a great meal.

The restaurant is located at 746 Route 70 West in Marlton. It is open for dinner Wednesday through Sunday beginning at 4 pm. Reservations are needed for Saturday nights which are likely to sell out in advance.

Powell is thrilled to be cooking at her own restaurant again and would not want to be doing anything else.

“I love what I do. You’ve got to love what you do. I’m addicted to this … I can’t help myself. I love it. I am happy,” said Powell