Local Reform synagogues, M’Kor Shalom and Temple Emanuel, plan to unite


Courtesy of courierpost.com

The new synagogue will take over the current location of Temple Emanuel.

Tradition, connection, and a sense of community are all things that make a synagogue important to its members. Two local synagogues, Congregation M’kor Shalom and Temple Emanuel, are launching a plan to unify their congregations. This unification will only strengthen their special place in the community, and highlight those qualities
The goal of the unification is to “bring together [their] collective strengths to create a community that infuses the deep roots of [their] past with a boldness to grow and envision a new path forward together” said Rabbi Jennifer Frenkel, a current Rabbi at M’Kor Shalom. She will be in the senior Rabbi position after the unification.
Eighteen months of critical discussion led to this big decision. The new unified congregation will officially come together on July 1st, 2022 and will take place in the building that Temple Emanuel currently occupies. Although not hard, the proposal to bring together both

The current building that M’Kor Shalom resides in. (Courtesy of courierpost.com)

synagogues took a lot of thoughtful planning. In the end, “ [their] leadership and working groups discovered many similarities, shared values, and complementary strengths between [the] congregations” said Frenkel.
Temple Emanuel was the first Reform synagogue in Cherry Hill, having been built in 1950. M’Kor Shalom was created in 1974, and both synagogues have grown to over 500 families. The unification will benefit both synagogues tremendously. “Unifying presents a unique opportunity to build a stronger Reform Jewish community in southern New Jersey. This unification establishes a new path together by honoring the ideals and accomplishments of those who laid the foundation at these two established congregations” said Frenkel. The name of the new synagogue has not been established yet, but it will be meaningful and symbolic.
Both synagogues are excited to start this new journey as one. Not only will this be a new and exciting experience for the community, but also for the synagogues themselves. “We look forward to being on the cutting-edge of leading the way into the future as we take this next step together, committed to inspiring generations of our families through engaging in study, prayer, and making a difference in the world,” said Frenkel, on behalf of both congregations.