Jeremy Kane Memorial Run 2014

Brett Dashevsky, Eastside Staff

It was back in 2010 when Jeremy Kane was killed in Afghanistan while fighting a battle to protect his country. Jeremy was not just a some regular soldier for he was a member of the Cherry Hill community. He attended Cherry Hill High School East and moved on to study at Rutgers University where he studied criminal law. He joined the Marine Reservists because for he believed every American had a duty to give back to his country.

To honor and remember this fallen soldiers brave life, his mother and friends organized a run/walk which has continued over the past 5 years — The Jeremy Kane Memorial Run .

On Sunday, June 8th, at Cherry Hill High School East hundreds of participants once again walked and ran the streets of Cherry Hill to honor this fallen hero. It was the fifth annual Jeremy Kane run which started at 8:30 am. Participants were given the option of running the 5K or just walking a mile.

Jeremy’s mom, Melinda Kane, said that the first time they had this event, they didn’t have a running option because it didn’t seem right to be so joyous and energetic for something devastating that happened.

However, the next year it was encouraged to run for she realize that anything can be overcome and nothing is insuperable.

Emily Moskowsky (’16) said, “This is my first year doing this walk/run and I am very excited. It is amazing to see so many people here from the community that care so much about this fallen hero.”

Attendees at the walk/run ranged from fellow marines, family of the Kane family, community members and even many current East students. Many students sported red clothing and SGA members of East wore matching t-shirts to show their support as a group to Jeremy Kane and his family and to remember a former East student.

A short ceremony in honor of Kane began around 8:15 which included a speech from his mother and a fellow marine. The choir from Rosa Middle School followed with The Star Spangled Banner.

As tears rolled down faces and memories of the fallen soldier filled the air, it was time to start the race. Everyone started at the same line and the guns went off to begin the run/walk.

The first runner strolled through the finish line, Josh Elkan (’11), with a time of 17:47.8 followed by many other East students and community members with notable times.

Coming in ninth place, with a time of 21:20.7 was Jeffery Braun (’15) who said, “It was an early morning race, but I ran my heart out for a great cause and that’s all that matters.”

Though only one person came in first at the Jeremy Kane Memorial Run, everyone was a winner because as Jeremy’s mom said, “[Jeremy] always had a smile on his face and a goofy grin, he was just a happy, happy kid and would’ve wanted everyone to know how great they were.”