January 2015 first big Nor’easter of the year predicted to hit the Cherry Hill Community


Stofman warns Cherry Hill residents to prepare for the upcoming snowstorm.

Hello everybody I hope that you are all having a good Sunday. I’d like to inform you that we have a major snowstorm coming. I’ll tell you what— this storm is coming with power. Unlike all of the storms so far this year this one will have cold air to amplify it. When the moisture meets the cold air we will get snow. Over the past few days the models were originally signaling that this was just going to be a 1 to 3 in or a 2 to 4 in type of storm. But now the tables have turned and we are in for a show.

Timing:  It will begin snowing very lightly tonight between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m.  It will continue to snow throughout the morning and most of the day Monday. During the day on Monday, the snow will be generally light. There may even be some periods during the day where it totally stops snowing. Monday is not the big story, instead it is Monday night when we get hit hard. During the day, I expect 1 to 3 inches, so nothing too big. In the late afternoon and early evening hours the snow should start to get heavier. On Monday night expect wind driven snow, winds 30 to 35 mph, 1 to 3 inch snowfall rates per hour and possibly some thunder snow. I expect 8 to 12 inches Monday night. It lasts into Tuesday and will conclude Tuesday mid morning or Tuesday afternoon. Expect another 1 to 2 inches. So overall, I am expecting 10 to 16 inches in our area. Now there is some possibility we will receive close to 20 inches and while that is definitely not out of the question, my confidence on hitting the 20 inch mark is not too high.

Safety: Please be safe today and tomorrow night. Do not travel tomorrow night unless it is absolutely necessary.

Regarding schools: I expect for a regular day tomorrow but possibly an early dismissal. For Tuesday I am 95% sure that there will be no school. There is also a possibility for a two-hour delay on Wednesday. I will let you know if there are any changes in this forecast regarding more or less snow. I hope you have a fantastic end of your week. #thinksnow

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