Honeygrow distinguishes itself from its competition

Brooke Greenberg, Eastside Staff

Nestled in the corner of the newly renovated Ellisburg Shopping Center lies Honeygrow, a new restaurant addition driven to make an impact and change on the community. Holding a location at 1588 Kings Highway North allows the restaurant to serve as a very accessible, new, fresh and organic restaurant.

Some restaurants claim that they are healthy by growing organically or by cutting calories. Honeygrow distinguishes itself from these competitors by bringing healthy to a whole new level. When one first walks into the brightly light restaurant he or she is met by a touchscreen monitor. The customer is offered an eclectic variety of food choices including: fresh salads, stir-frys, Honeybars (a fruit parfait) and kale smoothies. All of the options are provide for a healthy meal, which will satisfy customers.

On my adventure to the new restaurant, I was surprised with the simplicity of the ordering process. I ordered a create-your-own salad complete with romaine lettuce, avocado, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame and grilled chicken. Everything was super fresh and took almost no time to make, taking into account that it was a busy Sunday night. The staff was polite and making an effort to be attentive, despite being a very busy, new restaurant.

After that delicious salad (which was very large by the way) I proceeded to try a Honeybar. I was very intrigued with the concept behind this bar, as it contained fresh honey— something I had never tried before. At first glance, the Honeybar can come off as steeply priced. But once one realizes that everything within the bar is organic and made with tons of fresh fruit, the price becomes justified. In my Honeybar I ordered grapes, strawberries, apples, wildflower honey, coconut shavings, granola and fresh whipped cream. This was the perfect dessert to fulfill my sweet tooth to absolute delight.

Honeygrow is the perfect place to satisfy any salad or sweet craving while always keeping in mind a healthy twist. I look forward to going back and trying even more of what the restaurant has to offer.

Rating: 4.5/5