Healthy Garden offers the Cherry Hill community nutritious meal options

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Ashley Cooper, Eastside Community Editor

Healthy Garden delivers just what its name entails: Organic, fresh food that is refreshing and stimulating to the taste buds.

Primarily, when entering Healthy Garden, the ambience struck me as a little below mediocre. While there are decorative fruit posters plastered on the walls, there are dingy curtains, which hit customers smack in the face when they first enter the restaurant. However, the all-natural juice bar that is encompassed in between customer booths brings back the healthy sense of the restaurant.

Once seated, my waiter, Matt, reached the table almost immediately. Matt was extremely friendly and helpful with my order. He was also very knowledgeable about the different intricacies that go along with making the various foods in the restaurant. This is a major plus about Healthy Garden; the majority of the waiters and waitresses are welcoming, approachable, obliging and most importantly, well informed about their work.

I decided to order the “Heart Healthy Veggies” Pizza, the famed Healthy Garden avocado wrap and a unique Healthy Garden signature, cheesesteak.

All three of the items, which I had ordered were delivered in 20 minutes. Now to me, the delivery of a freshly baked pizza, organic hummus wrap and homemade cheesesteak is a pretty extraordinary feat, and frankly great costumer service.

Initially, I tried the freshly baked, signature “Healthy Heart Veggies Pizza” of Healthy Garden. This delicious pizza consists of spinach, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil, garlic and grilled eggplants. As I bit into my first bite of pizza, I instantly tasted the delightful sweetness and succulence of the artichoke hearts, impeccably juxtaposed with the unflavored, yet still juicy, spinach. These two ingredients balance each other out perfectly. Next, I was able to taste the delectable, flavor-filled tomatoes, which were mixed with spicy basil and garlic seasoning. Finally, my mouth filled with sensations of scrumptious and tender portabella mushrooms and light, fluffy grilled eggplants.

Moreover, I tasted the avocado wrap. The wrap consists of avocado, mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, red cabbage, carrots, bell pepper and lighthouse dressing. Now this wrap is clearly made fresh! The avocados taste as if they have been freshly scooped out of their shell, and this is because—they have! The avocados in the avocado wrap are only unpeeled and used once the order is place by the costumer. This same method is used for all of healthy garden’s fruits and vegetables, thus ensuring the highest quality of food being delivered direct to cliental. The other delicacies within the wrap are perfectly matched with the smooth, mushy avocado, to add firmness to the wrap. The house dressing is simply fantastic; although it is merely barbecue sauce, it precisely matches the overall feel and taste of the wrap.

Finally, there was the issue of the cheesesteak. While I myself am a vegetarian, the majority of people in the United States are not. Therefore, I knew a review of some fashion of meat item must be completed to hit all of the diverse orders of the restaurant. Thus, a close companion of mine, my Aunt Andria Gamble, who is a meat eater, tasted the cheesesteak, and she found it “just simply delicious.”

“The meat was rolled around the cheese, which was rolled around the onions,” said Gamble, “it was a completely unique experience, in comparison to the cheesesteak that can be found anywhere else.”

Gamble also mentioned the freshness of the bread as she said, “The bread was obviously homemade; it served as the perfect cradle to a cheesesteak. All the flavors just matched perfectly.”

Finally, Gamble mentioned the specific taste of each item within the cheesesteak. She denoted the cheese as “fresh and rejuvenating,” the meat as “tender, mouth-watering and flawlessly spiced,” and finally, the onions as “perfectly heated, in order to caramelize to the sweetest and most tantalizing flavor in its capacity.”

The only alarming entity about Healthy Garden is that it does not reveal any nutrition information. I understand if it does not wish to give away its recipes, or anything of that sort, but it is more than that. Healthy Garden does not reveal any nutrition information, not even a roundabout of how many calories are in each meal. This struck me as tremendously unusual; if healthy garden is truly “healthy,” wouldn’t the company wish to boast about its amazing nutritional information?

Overall, I would recommend one visiting Healthy Garden. While there is much more to be desired in the overall ambience of the restaurant, the impeccable service and food supplied at Healthy Garden certainly compensates for the bland surroundings.