Farm and Fisherman provides a fresh and local atmosphere


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Farm and Fisherman welcomes customers with a nice ambience as well as local, healthy foods.

Over the past few years, citizens across the country have been advised to choose a healthier eating path. At Farm and Fisherman, people can accomplish just this as food has been taken to the next level. With main dishes and produce from local farms, it is nearly impossible not to taste delicious ingredients from your own backyard when visiting this unique restaurant.

The orange booths and blue walls add to the ambience of the tavern, which not only has a funky atmosphere, but also serves amazing food. Unlike tasting an artificial, over-sugared and crunchy apple pie, there is a nicely displayed apple deluxe, freshly picked pie from Tabernacle. The dough-like taste to the rigatoni with a rich and light tomato Bolognese makes the dish more than just pasta and red sauce. The fish imported from Carolina contributes to the idea that this restaurant not only serves Italian foods, but also excellently cooked seafood.

Other eateries that advertise organic ingredients do not understand that local foods are often deemed superior to organic food items. Customers are living and breathing meals enhanced with harvest from Springdale Farms, Cherry Grove Farm, Bob’s Buzzy Bee’s, St. Lucifer Spice, Philly Fair Trade Roaster and several other local growers.

The concept of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) is one that is complex and detailed. A GMO is implanted in crops with the purpose of producing allergies and making non-toxic food, in fact toxic. Even if a product is labeled as organic, it may still contain a GMO. By boycotting these modified foods it can help people’s tolerance towards other illnesses.

At Farm and Fisherman, there are absolutely no GMO infused products and all meals served are sustainable, which benefit people since a non-GMO diet can help them become healthier.

While Farm and Fisherman is conclusively a great restaurant, the ambience of the restaurant itself is filled with much noise, which might irk and bother some people. Nonetheless, despite the overall loudness of the restaurant, Farm and Fisherman is a terrific place where family and friends can enjoy a nice, local and sustainable meal.