Dalton Farms holds their annual sunflower festival


Courtesy of Gabrielle Levine (‘26)

The field of sunflowers at Dalton Farms annual Festival.

Dalton Farms welcomed the community to come and visit their beautiful display of sunflowers during their annual festival. The festival was in action from September 1 to October 9 for guests to walk around, take pictures, and observe the fields of sunflowers.
The owners of the farm, Keith Dalton and Chris Vier, work towards having their fields covered in fully bloomed sunflowers for the festival every year. They are also eager to light people’s faces up with joy as they come by to see the sunflowers. Chris Vier says that they have to water the plants every day and “do multiple plantings so [they] always have fresh sunflowers because sunflowers come and go rather quickly,” (co-owner of the farm). He explains that they have to do multiple plantings of sunflowers so they have enough for the month of the festival. Being prepared is very important for the success of their festival.
There were a variety of beautiful spots to walk by at the festival. The owners formed paths along the fields for people to walk through and pick the sunflowers of their liking. There were a large number of tents set up containing candles, food, crystals, jewelry, Halloween decorations, and books. What attracted people the most, besides the sunflowers, were the friendly and playful animals such as goats, chickens, and ducks. Sunflower seeds were available for purchase to feed the chickens that stood outside of the shed. Guests were able to rip off sunflower leaves and feed them to the goats as well. Having the ability to interact with the animals was a great part of the experience.
Dalton Farms observes how many people light up while looking at the sunflowers, and the owners continue to boost guests’ enjoyment by placing a swing right in front of the flowers where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere around you. There were also decorations set up that were used for picture taking. A large blue and purple butterfly caught people’s attention right away and was used as a backdrop when taking pictures.
The sunflower festival at Dalton Farms attracts many people interested in seeing the breathtaking flowers they grow each year. Dalton Farms provides opportunities to collect flowers, eat delicious food, and get pictures with friends and family!