Covid-19 increases the risk of air travel


It is still dangerous to travel by airplane

When quarantine first began for New Jersey residents, many spring break vacations were canceled. Travel plans were postponed within the United States as well as internationally. Now that summer has begun, it seems as if very little has changed since the beginning of quarantine in terms of traveling.

While New Jersey is starting to lift restrictions that have been instilled since the beginning of the pandemic such as opening beaches and outdoor dining, choosing to get on a plane is still risky. For some, quarantine is becoming tiresome and many citizens are ready for it to be over; however, this does not mean that Covid-19 has gone away. The virus spreads quickly, especially on planes, where people from all different states eat, talk and sit for hours. Then, new people get on the plane and are highly susceptible to contracting the virus as a result of sitting in the contaminated seats of previous passengers.

In no way is it an ideal situation for people all across the world to stay home 24 hours a day; it can greatly affect the mental health of many, but traveling across state boundaries as suggested by their site still proves to be a significant risk that does not need to be taken. According to the CDC, spending time at the airport where people are usually waiting in line for long hours and getting security checks in close proximity with each other will only increase the chances of people getting the virus, bringing it on the plane and then spreading it to another state. While airports are trying their best to take precautionary measures like enforcing social distancing and requiring people to wear masks, it is difficult to keep everyone safe.

Before getting on a plane, bus, or any other public transportation system, it seems necessary now more than ever that people recognize that Covid-19 is still affecting our neighbors, friends, and family members despite our growing frustrations. It is essential that people understand the risks they are taking if they do travel, and be sure they take the proper precautions. This includes washing hands as often as possible and of course, abiding by the mandatory quarantine of 14 days after arriving home. Prior to traveling over the summer, careful considerations must be taken in order to keep those around us safe.