Cinnaholic gourmet cinnamon rolls opens in the Marlton Crossing


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Cinnaholic Gourmet Cinnamon Rolls recently opened in the Marlton Crossing shopping center.

Biting down into a sweet, delectable cinnamon roll, the taste of the frosting first touching your tongue, down to the warm and soft roll filled with an abundance of flavor. Cinnamon rolls are a delicacy to many people, and now at Cinnaholic, recently opened in the Marlton Crossing shopping center, more people in and around South Jersey have the option to try the items on their menu. They produce an assortment of cinnamon rolls as well as brownies, dole whip, cookies, cookie dough, cinnacakes, and more.
The owner of this franchise, Brian Sharp, explains the significance of the location he chose for Cinnaholic by saying “we chose this location because of the dance studios and music training center because then there are a lot of parents with their children, and that’s a great fit for our product.”
Sharp explains that making delicious desserts is fulfilled by following a step by step recipe so the bakers stay consistent. Cinnaholic’s most successful items have been the Cookie Monster and Very Berry cinnamon rolls.
There’s also an option to customize your own cinnamon roll. You can select a flavor of frosting as well as a variety of toppings.
I ordered three cinnamon rolls and a container of dole whip. The first roll I tried was the Cookie Monster cinnamon roll, which was my absolute favorite out of the three. This roll consists of cream cheese frosting, cookie dough, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce. The softness of the cookie dough on top, followed by the sweet, creamy frosting and chocolate sauce made for a delicious dessert. Another roll that I ordered was the Campfire S’mores cinnamon roll. This roll included a marshmallow frosting, graham cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate sauce. The crunch in this roll really stood out to me, and it closely resembled the taste of a warm, mouthwatering s’more. The final roll that I tried was the Shake Rattle & Roll cinnamon roll. This roll was covered in divine peanut butter frosting. On top of the frosting were fresh bananas, peanut butter cups, and pretzels. The frosting and toppings complimented each other excellently, and made for another great roll. All three rolls were delicious and each had a different flavor that made them unique.
Aside from the cinnamon rolls, I also ordered one container of dole whip. Cinnaholic offers pineapple, strawberry, or both, so I got both flavors combined. Unlike the warmness of the cinnamon rolls, the dole whip was both cold, and extremely refreshing. It had a fruity, sweet flavor that reminded me of the summer time. I could easily taste both of the flavors without one overpowering the other.
Each item I ordered from Cinnaholic had a delicious, flavorful taste. It was clear that both the owner and other bakers prioritize creating delicious and fulfilling desserts for their new customers. Overall, I had an excellent experience at Cinnaholic and think others will enjoy the variety of desserts they provide.