Cherry Hill Library offers more than just books

The Cherry Hill Library located on Kings Highway made its grand opening in 2005, but since then has built up various aspects that contribute to the community’s enjoyment. Aside from the typical book clubs that most libraries offer, the Cherry Hill Library offers a program in which one can subscribe online to specific book genres of his choice and the library sends upcoming book releases pertaining to those specific genres. The library also holds board meetings with the Library Board of Trustees in which the public can attend.

In addition to the literature based activities at the library, other hobbies are made into clubs open to the public, bringing the community together. For example, the sewing club has a four part basics class open to people ages 18 and up. There are also events like Shopping Day Movie Marathon that are open to community members of all ages.The library has many activities specifically geared towards teenagers as well, that do not necessarily revolve around reading. On December 23, for example, the library will be holding a Teen Wii Bowling Tournament. Teenagers can become involved in choosing the activities that the library holds by attending the Teen Activity Board meeting. The next meeting will be held on December 20. In addition to planning fun events for the community’s teens to get to know each other, the teen board also schedules community service, which is both appealing on college applications and morally self gratifying.

Showing that the library keeps up with pop culture changes in the town, like the recent increase in green awareness, on December 11, the library held a sustainable celebration, informing guests on how to stay green during the holidays in which much paper is used for wrapping.
The library constantly encourages new up-to-date programs and activities to be pursued and welcomes any new members to the board for suggestions to bring as many members together as possible through common interests.