Bistrot La Minette brings French cuisine to Philadelphia

Imagine spiritually transporting yourself to Southern France for a two hour meal. You are sitting comfortably in a pastel red colored booth and taking in the decor of the French style ambiance. Soft classical music plays in the background. You notice scenic landscapes of beaches, castles and farms hanging around the spacious room, outlined in thick brown rimmed frames.

Bistrot La Minette, located on 623 South 6th Street in Philadelphia is extremely close to Cherry Hill. It is a cute and inviting eatery that stands out from the neighboring restaurants.  Bistrot La Minette is the kind of place where you can feel at ease with a group of friends and enjoy a bountiful French meal.

I believe that one’s first impression regarding any restaurant’s quality of food is the bread and butter that are served right away. It is such a critical judgment that leaves one with an impression for what will follow.

Warm sliced baguettes arrived in a basket that had a red and white checkered napkin folded under, making my mouth water. The butter was made from scratch and creamy. I knew instantly that my appetizer, main plate and dessert would not be a letdown.

I observed that the servers were approachable and efficient. A tall and translucent glass bottle of water stayed on the table adding to the decorative mood. The waiters did not hesitate to assist the customers and pour water frequently which was a miniscule yet important detail.

For the appetizer I ordered a leek soup and my friend ordered escargot. We planned to test out each other’s food as a way to experiment with different types of options on the menu. This was my first time trying escargot and I was a little nervous of what to expect.

The leek soup was thick and topped with a sprinkle of pepper and bite sized croutons. One spoonful had my taste buds dancing and asking for more. Midway through my soup I decided to take a break and finally try the escargot.

I discovered that the escargot was surprisingly amazing, especially when dipped in the garlic and butter. I would definitely recommend getting the escargot at Bistrot La Minette.

The next course that came was the actual meal. The meal I chose was chicken served with potatoes, onions, carrots and green beans. What I liked best about this meal was the sauce, which had such a strong yet delicious flavor. The only criticism I have about the chicken was the way it was presented. The plate came with an actual chicken leg and a breast of the chicken. I would have preferred a smaller sized portion.

Of course best for last was the dessert. I ordered a raspberry cream puff and my friend ordered an almond chocolate sponge cake. We were excited to eat ours as well as test one another’s desserts.

The desserts looked like three dimensional art pieces. My raspberry cream puff was intricately designed with careful dollops of fresh whipped cream dotted in the middle layers. I took tiny bites of the cream puff which was truly delectable.

Once again I traded plates with my friend and tasted a rich dark chocolate cake with a hint of coffee flavor. I was glad I got the raspberry cream puff but for the chocoholics out there—this dessert is a must try!

Bistrot La Minette is a restaurant that has stuck out in my mind for more reasons than one. I do not find this restaurant to be kid friendly, but for young adults and older, this eatery is full of French culture, excellent waiters, a down to earth chef who visited each table and asked how the meal was and remarkable French food.