Before the Bridge Music Festival showcases some fresh tunes

On October 12, the Before the Bridge Music Festival showcased a wide variety of music for all different tastes during a free show. Due to rain, the festival was moved from its original location at Haddon Avenue and Woodlawn Avenue in Collingswood to The Factory, also in Collingswood.

Not even rain could stop the performers from having fun on stage. The headliners, Candy Volcano are a 1970’s glam-rock tribute band. Among the other performers were Goodnight Lights, The Snails, Megan Knight, DJ JG of Pink Skull, DJ David Kain of Bitby and The Unstoppable Hack Beats. In between each act, a DJ performed some tunes.

The performers were just the start of the fun. The festival was child friendly and had activities for the kids, such as coloring and painting.

There also were activities for the adults at the festival. The local coffee bar, Grooveground, provided refreshments for the medium sized crowd to enjoy. The crowd, which filled up three fourths of the venue, enjoyed the drinks and crafts being sold. If the music was too loud for the attendees of the show, earplugs were available at the front of the location.

The crowd was all ages, ranging from infants to seniors. The band that seemed to stand out most to the crowd was The Unstoppable Hack Beats, who got the babies and middle aged men alike to dance. The Unstoppable Hack Beats are a reggae, ska, and classic rock group that used instruments such as guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and maracas to perform.

The festival was held at a discreet venue on Fern Avenue, which would be hard to find without a GPS. Music could be heard from the outside of the venue from a few blocks away.

Grooveground, Plant Life Music, Spark Creative Group, Liberti Collingswood, Maley and Associates and the town of Collingswood sponsored the festival.