Bagel Spot spreads joy at new JCC location


Courtesy of Jacy Dickstein ('22)

Customers can choose from a wide variety of bagels and other baked goods.

The Katz JCC is ‘spreading’ the love with the newly opened location of ‘The Bagel Spot’, selling bagels, spreads and much more.

The kosher bagel shop is open for members along with non-members on 1301 Springdale Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 inside of the Katz JCC.

For classic bagels, each are sold for 99 cents or $11.88 for a dozen. They come in flavors such as plain, cinnamon raisin, sesame, poppy, everything, onion, garlic, egg, sun-dried tomato, blueberry, whole wheat, whole wheat everything, french toast, pumpernickel, salt and rye.

The ambiance is very welcoming with different baked goods on the tables and music playing throughout the shop. There are tables and chairs inside to eat. After going to this location many times, the eye catching rainbow “Kaleidoscope” bagels always stands out among the rack of bagels on the wall.

Specialty bagels include the rainbow bagel called the Kaleidoscope for $1.50, the bialy bagel for $1.25, the cheddar jalapeno for $1.25, and the pizza styled bagel for four dollars.

There are also vegan and gluten-free options available. ‘The Bagel Spot’ sells gluten-free bagels and vegan cream cheese in the flavors plain, veggie and Tuscan tomato.

Additionally, this shop is not just for bagels, with salads, grilled cheese, sandwiches, challah, wraps and healthy option foods also being sold.

The Katz JCC Eastside location of ‘The Bagel Shop’ does catering and can be contacted by phone at 856-424-4444×1158, or by email at . Furthermore, they are soon offering smoothies and other items to their list.

Employee Lisa Carrasquillo said, ”The feedback so far has been great. Everyone loves the food here, and there are no complaints that I know of.”

The most popular items so far have been the tuna, french toast bagels, grilled cheese and the lox special.

Beverages sold are coffee, sports drinks, juice drinks, soda and other popular drink brands such as Snapple, Tropicana and Nesquick.

Carrasquillo also said that the reason for the shop to be located in the Katz JCC is that it can be a place to fuel up after or before going to the gym, also within the JCC building.

Snacks and sweets are also found inside The Bagel Spot. They sell bagel chips for three dollars, chinese cookies for $2.50, hamentashen for $2.50, muffins for $2.50, brownies for two dollars, babka for $8.45, and mini black and white cookie packages for $6.95.

For more information on ‘The Bagel Shop’ located in the Katz JCC, click on the link posted from the Katz JCC website, .