Amici opens a new location in Cherry Hill


Zachary Pasternack ('24)

Amici opens their new location in a historic Cherry Hill farmhouse.

There is something so unique about going to a restaurant for the first time, that makes you want to eat there again. I’m not really that person that likes to explore and try new things, but after dining at Amici, the overall milieu of the restaurant just made me want more.

Owner and chef, Alex A. Duke has recently opened his new location of Amici at 312 Kresson Road Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 — just right down the road from the old location. The restaurant’s former location, which opened in 2012, is now being used for private catering and events, including weddings and other celebrations.

Amici has a very inviting indoor seating area. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

If there was one word to describe my night, it would be eventful. I was kindly greeted at the front door, in a little area waiting to be seated. Keep in mind that the weather that night consisted of torrential downpouring. When I entered, they didn’t hesitate to take my umbrella for safekeeping during the meal. Although the adverse conditions would usually keep me from going out, it didn’t stop at least 70-80 people dining at Amici from enjoying a delicious meal. All you could hear were conversations bouncing off the walls, as dinners were being carried out by the servers to happy customers with brightened smiles.
It was finally my turn to be seated. The vast selections on the menu were perplexing my family as to what exactly we should enjoy. From chicken parm to penne alla vodka, there was everything one could want when in the mood for Italian cuisine.
I had the opportunity to start with the bruschetta. The abundance of tomato and freshly produced mozzarella demonstrates what Duke said he prides himself on the most: “the fresh food, and top quality service.” That helped make the expansion of the restaurant so successful.

Everything is presented well at Amici, especially the bruschetta (’24))

I was seated in the back of the restaurant. There, I could smell the everlasting food leaving the kitchen, while having the best view at the same time. Maybe they knew I was coming and purposely put me in this spot, or maybe I was just lucky. For my main dinner, I enjoyed the chicken parm, and I also got to try my mom’s bolognese and my dad’s veal chop.

The most popular meals at Amici are the “seafood and steak,” said Duke, thus, I was in luck when my parents ordered one of those dishes.

Amici is known for their mouthwatering veal chop (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

While the food did take longer than expected, the sweet red sauce and mozzarella complementing the beautiful piece of chicken made up for the minor delay.

The chicken parmesan at Amici is highly recommended by Zachary Pasternack (’24). (Zachary Pasternack (’24))

The chef absolutely nailed the meals, as it left my family with a smile on our faces, something others also possessed when I walked in. This made me happy that Duke decided to re-establish his main dining area. The new restaurant, compared to the old, is more spacious and modern. It even has an outdoor area. Unfortunately due to the weather, seating wasn’t available in the outdoor section. Another addition to the move was the option of valet, though there were plenty of spots that were almost filled by the time I arrived. I ended the night with their inhouse tiramisu, and locally distributed cheesecake. The dessert was the perfect treat to end this great night.

The tiramisu was the perfect way to end Zachary Pasternack’s dinner at Amici. (Zachary pasternack (’24))

In all, I couldn’t have imagined a better night to come to Amici. Though extreme weather was present, what took place inside the restaurant was more important than what was occurring outside. Duke, with his expansion, now has two places to spread his love for food. So when you are in the mood, not just to eat food, but to have a great night, make a reservation at Amici. That one experience makes me want to go back, in fact, I am next week. So trust me, Amici is the place to be.

Amici offers a variety of desserts including delicious cheesecake. (Zachary Pasternack (’24))