Aloha Poke Bowl brings new flavor to Collingswood


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Aloha Poké Bowl offers a variety of sauces to give customers Hawaiian inspired flavors.

You might be wondering, what is a poké bowl? The word “poké” (pronounced POKE-AY) has come to mean anything cubed, originating in the Hawaiian language from the word meaning “to slice or cut.” In fact, poké is a food native to Hawaii. A poké bowl consists of cubes of marinated raw tuna and fresh add-ins, all served over rice or leafy greens.

Now, how does one taste this part of Hawaiian culture without travelling to Hawaii? Just stop by at Aloha Poké Bowl, located on 542 Haddonfield Ave, and try a bowl for yourself!

About one month ago, Ellie Vinnie opened Aloha Poké Bowl in Collingswood, New Jersey.  Collingswood is a town well-known for its restaurants and shops. So, finding a location for her restaurant was no issue for Vinnie.

“[The restaurant] is on the main street. It’s close to Cooper medical. Thus, a lunch crowd,”  Vinnie said, when asked why she chose her location. “Haddon Avenue is a well commuted main street of Collingswood, a popular walking town.”

What’s also advantageous about having a restaurant on Haddon Ave is its visibility. Even if one is just driving through town, they can easily see all stores lined up along the sides, so Aloha Poké Bowl does not have to worry about receiving attention. Also, there is plenty of parking in case there is a large crowd.

Now for the most interesting part of the restaurant: the food. Aloha Poké Bowl takes a build-your-own-plate, or in this case build-your-own-bowl, approach to its menu. First, you select from two bowl sizes: regular or large. Then, you choose from a variety of rices and greens as the “base” of your bowl. Next, you choose a protein. The choices range from salmon, to tuna, to octopus, and there’s even a vegetarian option of tofu. Finally, you choose your sauce, the part that truly provides a Hawaiian experience. From tangy ginger lime to japanese ponzu, the sauces give poké bowls their unique and delicious flavors. After that, you select from a list of toppings to give your bowl that finishing touch.

Aloha Poké Bowl has only been open for a short amount of time, but has already attracted many customers and gained plenty of business.

“We’ve had more customers than we could have hoped for,” said Vinnie. “There’s been good community support. Collingswood residents and our customers have been a pleasure.”

But the most compelling question remains: why open a poké restaurant? According to Vinnie, it’s simply because “there’s nothing like poké in the area.” Aloha Poké Bowl brings a piece of Hawaiian culture to an area of diverse cuisinery.

If you’re out with your friends and looking to try something new, stop by Aloha Poké Bowl.