Garage Rock

What started as a very true-to-its-name garage movement by those with no other place to perform has since become a blanket term for music’s sleaziest, ugliest, least polished sort. Garage rockers of the 60’s, like the Kingsmen and the Sonics, paved the path for punk with their down-and-out ideology and shaped the future of rock with their emphasis on D.I.Y. mettle.  Modern garage bands reinvent their predecessors’ style with an even more purposefully unpolished sound and a greater propensity towards the depraved. Some garage rockers add a little spice to the muddy mix. King Khan and BBQ Show often exhibit punches of scratchy brass and elements of funk.  Like their forefathers, who subverted the conformity of their staid generation in three-chorded protest, modern garage purveyors counter the overwrought irony and affected twee-ness of indie.

Notable bands: Black Lips, Sic Alps, The Dirtbombs, The King Khan and BBQ Show, Nobunny, Ty Segall