Mr. East Countdown: Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino – 4 days to go

After playing Mr. Antrobus in the Skin of Our Teeth, Bob Cratchit in A Christmas Carol, Starkey in Peter Pan and other respected roles in the theatre department, Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino (’13) is a famous young actor in our East community.

This year Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino is a candidate for the glorious title of Mr. East.

“I wanted to compete in Mr. East because it seemed like a lot of fun and I am just too adorable to resist this sort ofcompetition,” he joked.

Photo by Angie Pacitti (’13)/ Eastside Photo Editor.

Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino laughingly added on, “I want to show everyone just how cute I am! How adorable I am!”


However, Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino also has a very serious side to him. He has been casted in every show for all four years of his high school career. He has also played major roles for the school’s fall plays. Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino is heavily involved in the Film club where he participates in film festivals every year. He is also a proud member of the Thespian Society.

Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino holds strict plans for his future. He wishes to study either theater or English in college and wants to be involved in educational theater after college graduation. Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino could not express his passion for theater and his desire to teach students about the performing arts.

“I really love what I do,” said Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino.

Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino also announced his plans to bring something special to the table.

“Most of the time people do talk shows and dances to show their own talent. I am going to offer something different with my talent. It is going to be funny and creative at the same time.”

Of course, Mr. Too Cute Ciurlino could only say one thing about his fierce competitors.

“To be frank, I am just really too cute for them!”