Royal gowns provide museum exhibitions

From magazines to newspapers to television investigation reports, Princess Diana’s life has been splashed across every facet of the mass media and entertainment world. Beginning on November 2, a collection of her clothing will enter the spotlight of a special exhibit in the American Textile History Museum located in Lowell, Massachusetts.           

Titled the “Dresses for Humanity, an Exhibition of the Dresses of the Princess of Wales”, the exhibit will specifically be displaying gowns worn by Princess Diana.

 Kim Knox wrote in an article entitled Di’s Dresses for’s New England Travel that the museum event “features 20 designer dresses and photographs of Diana wearing them.” Diana’s gowns will remain in the museum until January 17. Two gowns will be auctioned off at Skinner, an auction gallery in Boston. According to Knox, proceeds will be given to “Pine Street Inn and Saint Francis House, two organizations which provide shelter to Boston’s homeless men, women and children.”

Although her life was abruptly and tragically cut short, Princess Diana remains a global icon in every way, from her philanthropic legacy to her elegant eveningwear on display for the world to see.