Zella Day delivers with her iTunes Song of the Week

Brooke Greenberg, For Eastside

This week’s iTunes song of this week, “Hypnotic” by up and coming artist Zella Day is soon going to be stuck in everyone’s head. This is an alternative song that is perfect for relaxing. Its dark and haunting undertones really make this song unique. The song is about a mental feeling taking over your body and essentially creating a “hypnotic” feeling.

This is artist Zella Day’s first single. She has previously released an EP available on iTunes called the Zella Day EP (2014). The short tape has a very enchanting, dark and alternative vibe. Zella Day is truly a free spirit, and with over 12,000 Instagram followers, she could soon be rising to the top due to her catchy new song.

“Hypnotic” is an undiscovered gem. Its catchy lyrics and amazing beat, paired with the mystery of Zella Day make it highly unique. It is unlike any other song that on the iTunes Top 100 chart, where it could hopefully end up in the near future. Zella Day is a wonderful up and coming artist whose iTunes Song of The Week should surely get her name on the map.