WALK THE MOON makes a good impression with iTunes Single of the Week


Photo courtesy of directlyrics.com

WALK THE MOON’s “Shut Up And Dance” is the current iTunes Single of the Week. After a summer of opening Panic! At the Disco’s The Gospel Tour, the Cincinnati-based indie-rock band, WALK THE MOON has started to rise to prominence in the music industry.

The single “Shut Up and Dance,” which was originally released on Sept. 10, was a preview of the band’s third studio album. The single serves as an all-time high peak of the band’s career, ranking it ninth on the U.S. Rock Charts.

“Shut Up and Dance” impeccably represents the power-pop spirit of the eclectic foursome. The song instantly draws listeners in, opening with an infectious and charming electronic guitar line, courtesy of Eli Maiman. Later in the song, Sean Waugaman plunks out enthralling drumbeats, enticing listeners further with a nearly magnetic sound. Kevin Ray introduces the raucously entertaining bass line of the pre-chorus, exciting listeners with a mysterious anticipation and keen eagerness for the climax of the song. The explosive chorus of “Shut Up and Dance” undoubtedly pleases music audiences with a funky dance vibe, incorporated with an inevitably captivating beat.

Nicholas Pettrica, leading man and vocalist of WALK THE MOON, delivers passion on this release, emphasizing his high-spirited vocals, which so effortlessly belt out higher notes. Pettrica manages to croon out notes in a pop sense, while still firmly maintaining his alternative roots. His lyricism also continues to shine in the single, with lines such as “My discotheque, Juliet, teenage dream,” displaying Petricca’s exceptionally unique style of thinking.

It is impossible not to begin foot tapping from the very start of WALK THE MOON’s invitingly exuberant and ever lively “Shut Up and Dance.” Hopefully the free track will propel the band further into the music spotlight, as anticipation for its third album, “Talking is Hard” increases.