Nikki Lane brings holiday cheer with this week’s iTunes Single of the Week

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Nikki Lane’s “FaLaLaLaLove Ya” is the current iTunes Single of the Week. Specifically featured as a “holiday” Single of the Week, Lane’s track sets the perfect mood for the celebratory December season. The song was the initial single released following the release of Lane’s second album All or Nothin back in May of 2014. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys produced this album.

Lane initiated her music career back in 2011 with her debut album Walk of Shame. Lane obliterates the male stereotype associated with the field of an outlawed country singer, utilizing a sound derived from traditional Western, as well as honky-tonk musical styles.

Lane croons about the giddy, dizzying feelings associated with love on “FaLaLaLaLove Ya.” With an infectious beat initiating Lane’s love ballad, the song is appealing to a diverse range of audiences. With a deep, yet floaty voice, as well as employing enthusiastic vocals, Lane stays true to the country genre, with great lyricism. Though the chorus of the song is somewhat predictable, Lane manages to entice listeners, formulating the chorus into a light-hearted anthem. Despite the overall quality of Lane’s single, her vocals seem to be lacking her typical resonance and timbre. While the song itself is cheerful, Lane lacks emotion and sentiment with her words, as passion is not radiated through the piece.

Overall, a quality country piece, Lane’s FaLaLaLaLove Ya serves as a triumphant holiday gem.