Madden 18: A New Game, Not Just a New Roster


Courtesy of EAMaddenNFL Twitter

Madden 18 brings new and exciting features to the virtual gaming scene.

As a new NFL season is bestowed upon us, so is the newest version of the NFL’s virtual form, Madden 18. While the intangibles are present in the shift from Madden 17 to Madden 18 such as the updated rosters for the 2017-2018 season, improved ratings for certain players, as well as head coach changes, location changes, stadium changes and other updates. Madden 18 brings brand new and exciting features to the table.

The most prominent feature is the new story mode called “Longshot”. The overall synopsis of “Longshot” is that users have the ability to play through the life of Devin Wade, a former five star recruit for the University of Texas, before leaving the football program due to his father’s death. Wade and his childhood friend, Colt Cruise, enter a game show called “Longshot” where the contestants will showcase their football knowledge and skill with a chance to be selected by an NFL team. There are multiple outcomes to this role play, which all depend on what the users choose to make Devin do. Another feature EA made sure to include this year was online multiplayer. Users can now play online head-to- head in teams of two, a feature that was previously not available. More over, in order to improve graphics, EA has switched Madden onto the Frostbite game engine, with hope that visuals and gameplay are boosted. Personally, this has been the most exciting Madden release thus far.

Year after year, there are minimal improvements to the game, and the only motive to purchase the yearly copy is to be able to play with the new rosters. Madden 18 however is on a team of its own, it shows a major difference between it’s obsolete counterpart, Madden 17, as well as games from years past. If you’re a football fan, or even a sports fan in general, I’d highly recommend you purchase Madden 18 as it is a highly unique game of the Madden franchise.