Lykke Li, Swedish artist, returns with Wounded Rhymes

The Swedish indie pop princess is back and on the move! The sweet voice of an angel, Lykke Li, has returned with her

new knockout album Wounded Rhymes, a powerful semi-sweet follow up from her first album Youth Novels.  Li packs a punch, letting her conflicting range of emotions from her recent breakup hit the recording studio. As she turns away from the flirtatiously sweet sounding Youth Novels, the new and fresh Wounded Rhymes turns up the volume for a heavier sound.

The most evident change in Lykke Li’s most recent release is the overall melancholy tone of her songs and lyrics. Tracks including “Youth Knows No Pain” and “I Follow Rivers” talk about the damaging effects of love that has taken its toll on her; it’s enriched

Album cover of Wounded Rhymes, courtesy of

beat and vocal stylings only spicing things up even more. Looking back on her previous album Youth Novels, where elements including airy vocals and hypnotic undertones were the predominant characteristics of her sound, (heard in songs such as “Little Bit” and “I’m Good, I’m Gone”) it’s evident that this sudden change in her demeanor is a pleasant surprise.  Lykke Li pushes her limits by going deeper with her talent than just sweet melodies by adding all new influences to her work. With the album’s new use of tribal drum beats, screechy guitar riffs, and slight jazz references, who couldn’t be captivated? Nonetheless, with heartbreak as the major message, you can’t help but feel an overbearing sadness and whining when the album is on repeat.  But thankfully the switch from bubble gum to soulful pop artist refuses to have the listener bored. Its safe to say that Li’s Wounded Rhymes is her best work yet, even with the melancholy nuances in her lyrics, this release can only lead to more success for the young singer of 24. The pain of the recent breakup not only brought out the best of her music, but the best in her as an artist as well.

Rating: 7/10