Casey Neistat announces the new version of the app Beme

The new revised app, Beme, has a twitter account.

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The new revised app, Beme, has a twitter account.

Today, May 2, 2016 marks a very special day…the day that Beme launched their new version of the app.

“When recording videos with Beme the screen is completely black so you have no way of previewing or editing your content before it’s automatically shared. So what you capture is authentic and unfiltered,” stated Kevin Spacey, American actor and Academy Award winner, at a World of Business Ideas conference.

Although this app seems earth-shattering, Casey Neistat (YouTuber and co-creator of the app) has not been too pleased with the outcome of it. Initially, the app was doing well; people were downloading it and creating accounts. Sadly, the app’s progress has recently began slowing down and Neistat realized that it had not reached its full potential.

I, myself, am an avid fan of Neistat’s daily vlogs and just like most, was confused as to why Beme has been absent from his videos for the last six months. Today, he cleared that up.

 Beme underwent some extensive changes, which Neistat kept under wraps. First of all, the overall appearance is completely different. Instead of a dull, grey background, Beme has a bright, crisp, white surface that really pops to the user, not to mention its truly clean and appealing look to the eye. Not only has the appearance changed, but the interface has as well.

Overall, I think these changes will benefit Beme as a whole. Now that Neistat can mention Beme in his vlogs again, more people will download the app and those who left their accounts idling will resume “beme-ing” as usual.

I wish good luck to Neistat and the “Beme team” as this social media platform that was once underground blossoms to compete with Snapchat, Instagram, and Vine.