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Wiz and Mac Concert Review

Cherry Hill East students flooded into Camden, NJ on the night of Friday, August 3 for the Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller concert appropriately named “Under the Influence of Music Tour” at the Susquehanna Bank Center. By the end of the night the students were not very satisfied with the show. To put it simply, the students unanimously agreed that it was a bad concert.

Adam Charny (’12) described the concert as horrible. Unfortunately, this is not an overstatement.

Prior to the show the rain pounded down on the lawn and on the heads of the students waiting outside for the show to begin. The lawn, where many students were watching the show, was transformed into a large puddle of water and mud.

“It started pouring on our walk to the concert which lowered our hopes and expectations for the night” said Rachel Benigno (’12).

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Although, the rain wasn’t the only thing that ruined the students night, the music was a low point as well. Whether or not the students were fans of Wiz Khalifa or Mac Miller going into the show, they were not pleased with the music played by either rapper that night.

Charny complains of “the lack of music playing”.

The rappers mainly talked at the audience the whole time and occasionally spit out a few raps. Many of their most popular songs were not played.

“They only played one of the few songs I knew by them,” said Emma Roncace (’13) talking about the song Young and Wild and Free by Wiz Khalifa.

Not only was the night disappointing for the students, but it ended poorly for Mac Miller as well. He ended his night in the hospital with a broken arm.

Dissatisfaction filled the late night air as the students headed home.

“I will not listen to a rap song for the next week,” said Chloe Rothenberg (’13), let down by the poor rapping of the night.

In short, the night ended on a wet and disappointing note.


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