What makes Spirit Week tick?

pigtails.jpgThis year, the theme is Supermarket Aisles. The seniors, who get to chose first, picked the “Beauty and Cosmetic Aisle” for their theme. The juniors opted for the
“Pharmacy and Health Food Aisle”, while the sophomores selected the “Check-out Aisle”. The freshmen, who were stuck with last choice, agreed on the “Candy Aisle”.

“It’s not the theme that matters: it’s the ideas the class comes up with that really counts,” says Marissa Josephs (’09).

Using the given theme, each class is instructed to create an eight to ten minute dance, a booth and a banner. The dance is performed at the Spirit Week Dance, which was held on Friday, November 17th. The booth, which is a new addition to Spirit Week, is expected to be a hit.

“Because we can’t [have] floats at the new stadium, we decided to get each grade to create a booth,” says Mr. Davis, the Coordinator of Student Activities.

Each grade will create a booth with a “carnival” game, and whichever game raises the most money will win. Not only are the booths another form of entertainment at the football game, but all the money earned will be donated to a specific charity.

This week, there are a variety of activities set up during the lunch-time and after-school hours. This year there will be volleyball, crab soccer, tug-of-war, and milk drinking contents, as well as others that are being kept as a surprise. The Pep Rally is held the Friday before the homecoming football game in order to get the students excited about the upcoming game. At the homecoming game, current students, alumni, and parents cheer on East’s football team and get to see the banners, booths, and a performance by the East Dance Team.

Both teachers and students agree that Spirit Week is exciting.

“[Spirit Week] gets many kids involved, raises school spirit, and allows class competition,” says Davis.

Who will win this year? Will it be the “beauty”-ful seniors, the “health”-y juniors, the “checking-out” sophmores, or the “sweet” freshmen? Each class may have their predictions and hopes of who will be the winner of Spirit Week 2007, but only time will tell who will dominate this year.