The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The busiest teacher at East balances a rigorous schedule

My name is Mr. B. Z. Teechurr and I am the busiest teacher at East. I know, you think all teachers are busy—they have to educate the future generation, while grading papers, updating progress-book, frightening children, etc. —but I assure you; I am the busiest. Here. I’ll show you:

1. Before school, I have hall duty, every day. Unlike most teachers who were assigned one specific location to monitor, I got to the meeting where they gave out those assignments late (because I was lost on the other side of the building, but that story’s for later) so the only assignment left was floating the whole school.

2. Because I spend my mornings in every corner of East simultaneously, I spend those first official six minutes of school rushing through the halls, but never can seem to get to homeroom on time.

3. First period, I have my prep time, which I generously use to prep other teachers. I pop into different rooms, delivering pertinent preparatory information to various educators.

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4. Second period, I have office aid duty, so I spend my time from 8:58 to 9:42 delivering passes to students.

5. Third period I have cafeteria duty. I have the distinguished role of preventing the common offense of skipping lunch, so I spend my third periods chasing delinquent lunch students around school and bringing them back to the cafeteria.

6. Fourth period is the same as third period, except in Cafeteria 2.

7. After an exhausting four periods, I get my well-deserved break during period five. First, I pick up a wrap from the cafeteria. I pride myself on my healthy lifestyle, so I usually spend my break walking the halls to keep in shape.

8. Next, I have hall duty in C-wing. I spend these forty-four minutes carefully educating the future generation about proper hallway conduct.

9. Sixth period, I have my prep period for the rest of the day, so I visit some more teachers.

10. By seventh period, I’m usually hungry again so I grab another wrap on my way to f-wing hall duty.

11. Eighth period, office aid again.

12. After school, repeat of before school duties.

Not only am I the busiest teacher, I am also, humbly, the most flexible and most important. Most teachers teach one subject five times in a row. But I play a different role each period. And walking, the skill mastered in East’s hallways, is the only subject that each student will truly use every day of his/her life.

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