Teachers share their thoughts on Dr. Chapman

“Hopefully that niceness and sense of community hangs around a bit, but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” — Ms. McPherson, East Biology Teacher

“[I]t’s really nice to work for someone who I feel supports what I do, and who really has high esteem for what I do every day with the students.”Mrs. Griffo, East French Teacher

“I like how he associates students with scholars because it has a positive connotation. It encourages students to think highly of themselves, and it shows that the faculty thinks highly of our teenagers.” Mr. Maniscalco, East English Teacher

“I will never look at a rainy day and not think of liquid sunshine.”Ms. Donaghy, East Spanish Teacher

“He has made [East] a school with a culture of being respectful between students and faculty.  I hope he continues to find joy in all that he encounters in work and life.”— Mrs. Keeley-Cain, East Math Teacher

“Dr. Chapman gave us nothing but scholarly love.”— Ms. Atkins, East Nurse

“I’ll remember Dr. Chapman for being very, very supportive of our theater program. Not only did he travel with us on our theater trip to London, where he experienced first-hand all kinds of really exciting theatrical activities with many members of our theatre program, but he comes to all our shows and has nothing but great, positive things to say. I love the support he’s always given our theatre program. With that, the thespian society is inducting him early in June as an honorary thespian and he will forever be a part of Thespian Society Troupe 213. Dr. Chapman, we’ll miss you!”Mr. Tom Weaver, East Drama Director

“He has brought a positive message to the school community on a daily basis. And I think that being visible in the school, that’s something. He’s definitely been visible, he’s been able to convey his message in a way that is clear and easy for everybody to understand. I’ve worked with him as the advisor of Cum Laude for the last couple of years, and the one thing I can say is that he has been extremely supportive of me. Not only from the perspective of Cum Laude, but also for the professional opportunities I have tried to pursue outside of the building, Dr. Chapman is supportive of those and I really appreciate that. Best wishes, we are definitely going to miss him here, and best of luck in all of his future endeavors.”Mr. Semus, East Math Teacher

“Dr. Chapman has always been a big supporter of our Theatre Department here, and he proved that when he accompanied us to London. [He] was very open-minded and excited to see new shows. It’s very inspiring to be around a leader who is always interested in learning and exploring new and exciting possibilities. It’s a nice trickle-down effect [that affects] the staff.”Mr. Gambino, East English Teacher

“Dr. Chapman genuinely wanted every aspect of East to be the best.  Every time Eastside won an award, he would come down to talk to the editors and show how proud he was.  I remember the first time he ever came, he literally jumped up and down in front of everyone, which led to a round of applause… He really tried to get to know every teacher personally, and I think that’s really important.”Mr. Gagliardi, East English/Journalism Teacher