Student-athletes participate in South Jersey’s new winter sport

Nate Burt ('09)

Skiing? In South Jersey?

This year offers a new and exciting activity never before seen in South Jersey: skiing! Just recently legalized in South Jersey and once thought to be too dangerous by professional skiers and enthusiasts alike, skiing has now become the area’s newest attraction.

Tyler Caton (’11), who skied illegally last year, says, “It gets really scary at first, but after your first descent, you’re hooked!”

Tyler recommends that if you’re a beginner just trying it out this year, Acorn Hill is the place for you. Mt. Laurel, which has been dubbed the “black diamond” of South Jersey skiing and boasts a vertical drop of 100 feet, has been recently fenced off due to the numerous injuries experienced by last year’s skiers.

John Arnold (’09), who eats pain for breakfast, told Eastside, “I’ve done a lot of scary things in my life, but going down ‘the Big L’ has made me appreciate how valuable life really is. I’m just glad I made it down with everything intact, not all of us were as lucky.”

Other spots, such as Pine Hill and Signal Hill, have also been recommended by the East body as places for skiing.

Chris Dinn (’10) says, “We don’t get to much powder in Signal Hill, but when it rains and there’s a thin layer of ice, this hill is wicked!”

So whether you are bored at home or a total extreme sports junkie, South Jersey Skiing is the activity for you this winter season.