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Spirit Week dance diagnoses Juniors with a win

JuniorsAfter a night of anticipation and excitement, the classes of Cherry Hill East were finally able to hit the dance floor and showcase their long-awaited performances at the Spirit Week Dance Competition.

This year, the Spirit Week theme was supermarket aisles; the seniors chose the beauty aisle, the juniors pharmaceuticals, the sophomores check-out, and the freshmen candy. Each grade was to create a skit/dance to their theme, which was judged based on some of the following categories: organization, creativity, costumes/appearance and presentation.

The freshmen started the night off with their Spirit Week debut. Usually it is always interesting for upperclassmen to see what the freshmen have come up with, considering they have never participated in such an activity before. This year, the class of 2010 really surprised the audience. With a combination of songs such as “I want Candy” and “Sugar,” the dance really fell into place. However, the freshmen came out in fourth place.

Next came the sophomores with the check-out aisle. Considering how well the Class of 2009 had done last year, many people wondered if they had the potential to beat the upperclassmen, which has been done many times before. The beginning of the dance started off with a supermarket setting with carts going in and out of the “aisles”. The sophomores took third place.

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The junior class of 2008 was up next, all dressed in medical gear. They used songs such as “How to Save a Life” and “Fever”. Their dance really demonstrated their theme, which was a big component in the judging, and along the way went through creative costume changes. The juniors took first place with pride.

The seniors were up last. With the theme of beauty aisle, the seniors really took it a few steps up from previous years and put in their all for their very last Spirit Week competition. With a decent amount of people and a lot of time and effort, the seniors were able to hold on to second place for the second time in a row. Even though the seniors were disappointed to come behind the juniors, they were very excited about their accomplishment.

Even though the Spirit Week dance competition has come to a close, there is more spirit to come next week.

Dance Competition:

First: Juniors

Second: Seniors

Third: Sophomores

Fourth: Freshman

Current Spirit Week Totals:

Seniors: 1010

Juniors: 1060

Sophomores: 780

Freshman: 810