Spirit week cut to spirit minute

Spirit week was another rousing success this year, with the seniors pulling off the first win for a graduating class in the school’s history. Despite the unprecedented victory of the senior class there is already talk for drastic changes to occur to the beloved East tradition next year, including a dramatic downsizing that will deliver shock and awe.

Student activities director and SGA advisor, Mr. Davidson, explains: “Everyone had a lot of fun this year during spirit week, but the Spirited Government Assembly’s mailbox has been inundated with messages containing concerns about how the overarching message of Spirit Week was lost in translation. For years now spirit week has been a competition, and we feel that if the classes participate because of Mario Kart or Crab Soccer, they are participating for the wrong reasons. Also, Waluigi is easily the best racer in that game, and could definitely take on Mario any day on DK Mountain.”

Davidson went on to detail the downsizing of the school’s spirit week next year. Not to a spirit day or spirit period even, but a spirit minute.
“Our plan is to seat the students in the DiBart Gym during second period and have them cheer as loud as they can for sixty seconds. Cheering for the student’s respective classes is frowned upon and will result in after school detention in the Chasm of Pit Vipers, whereas cheering for East is more approved. Students are encouraged to bring signs that state ‘Go East, Love to Learn, and Hooplah for Homework.’ Then, once a minute his passed they will return back to their classes and the regular school schedule will commence.”
No one class can “win” the minute, and the lack of competition takes a large workload off of SGA’s metaphorical back.
Student President of SGA, Shara Desert (’10) explains: “With no dances to prepare or events to plan beyond the minute, SGA will have more time to plan other, more unifying events for the student body, such as the trip to the Phillies game.”
While the decision to greatly reduce the time frame for spirit week may seem disappointing to some, the benefits far outweigh the detriments. This new spirit minute will bring the students’ focus back to having genuine spirit for their school as opposed to hatred towards other classes, and will not interfere with students’ schedules as much, so no one has to complain about missing a dance rehearsal.
On that note, rehearsals for Spirit Minute ’11 begin next Thursday, go seniors!