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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


SGA Vice Presidential elections: Dov Halevy

dov-h-poster.JPGDov Halevy (’10) 

Slogan: Show a little love, Vote for Dov

What have you done for the school already (including involvement in SGA)?

I am a varsity lacrosse player, two-time SGA class representative, DECA regional finalist, DECA state representative, FOP holiday party 

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What are you hoping to change at East?  

My hopes are to change the outlook of the student body, and to have students be more enthused to participate in school activities, also to inspire school pride and spirit.

What is your main priority? 

My main priority is to make students feel safe in the east community and encourage the student body to become more involved in school activities and functions.

How will you accomplish these goals? 

Eliminating the lack of school pride and the negative connotation with school functions can accomplish theses goals.  In addition encouraging respect for our school as well as fellow students. This would translate into better inter-student relationships and decreasing/eliminating vandalism of our school property.

How do the decisions of SGA affect the school?  Would you consider SGA involved in student life? 

SGA is the voice and opinion of the student body.  The SGA is very involved in student life because the “student government” influences lives of the students.  It is the students’ opinions that are being heard and therefore effect the decisions that the school make.

What do you like about East? 

I like the diverse atmosphere of the student body.  Secondly, the dynamic role that the teachers bring to the learning community of East.

How are you different than other candidates?  Why should we vote for you? 

I am different that other candidates because I have an energetic and unique approach to changing the spirit of the school.  A very important quality I possess is listening to peoples’ different opinions and bringing theses different opinions into a working and productive learning environment.  You should vote for me because I have insight in the academic, athletic, and creative communities at East and can voice the opinions of the students thoroughly to blend them into making a comfortable community for everyone.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in? 

I am involved in Varsity Lacrosse and sports debate team.

What’s something most people don’t know about you, but you would like them to know?  

Most people don’t know that I am actually dyslexic, although I am very intelligent, I have trouble reading and writing.  I understand the difficulties of balancing school with social aspects of our lives and therefore I can relate with the students.

Do you think East has enough school spirit?  If not, how would you, or would you not, address the lack of spirit? 

I do not think East has enough school spirit.  In order to address the lack of school spirit I would create an atmosphere in east that students will be proud to support their school.  Also by eliminating negativity and supporting interesting events and functions that students will want to partake in.

Why did you decide to run for vice president? 

I decided to run for vice president for many reasons. Firstly I feel that I can make a difference in the student community.  I care about the students’ opinions and want their ideas to be heard.  I also represent a majority of the student body and therefore can relate to the students.

What does the vice president actually do? 

The vice president assists the president and other SGA board members to make decisions that affect the students.  Also the vice president works with the School Board to plan events and school functions for students.  Lastly the vice president voices the opinions of the students to that their ideas are heard by the school board.

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