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Seniors take the lead after big volleyball victory

What a night it was for the seniors.

After an upsetting loss in perhaps the most prestigious spirit week event, the all-mighty spirit week dance, the seniors regained their pride and the overall lead after stellar performances by both the senior guys and girls.

The freshman guys had the comeback of the night, after they were losing 8-2 to the juniors late in the game. It seemed as if Alex Saltzberg (’08) and Adam Zaken (’08) were going to dominate the much smaller freshman team, when Andrew Pursell (’09) and his teammates took control of the match leading their team to a 15-12 upset.

The sophomores never threatened the much bigger and more talented senior squad. Although Brain Zaun (’09), Jeff Bohus (’09) and Todd Hummel (’09) put up a valiant effort against a better senior squad, James Pursell (’07), Josh Wirtshafter (’07) Mike DiMedio (’07) and Hormatullah Abdali (’07) were too much for the sophomores. The seniors won the match easily 15-7.

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In the consolation match, the sophomores stepped it up against the lackadaisical junior team, to pick up a surprising 15-10 victory for third place.

The seniors towered over the freshman squad as they both took their places on the court for the final series. There were no surprises in the match. James Pursell once again, dominated game one of the three game series. The second match was no different, and the seniors marched their way to victory.

The senior guys won 250 points for their efforts, the freshman were given 200 points, while the sophomores picked up 150 points and the juniors were awarded 100.

The results were very similar on the girls side of the table. Senior girls Katie Taylor (’07), Jill Koller (’07) and Stephanie Waties (’07) dominated the competition while the senior girls earned 250 points of their class. The juniors came in second place and produced 200 points for their class. The sophomores received 150 points and the freshman only gained 100 points.

With only two days left in spirit week here are the standings.


Grade Level

Total Points
First Seniors 1500
Second Juniors 1460
Third Freshman 1100
Fourth Sophomores 1180