Senior Perspective: Sydney Gore

“Senior year, the year of no fear.” That statement couldn’t be more accurate.

Let’s take this back to 2007, the beginning of my high school career. I was intimidated by everything and everyone, and in a constant state of worry. Would I have friends to sit with at lunch? Did I purchase the right Vera Bradley bag? Was high school going to be like High School Musical? How could I not get lost among six wings and three floors?

To prepare for the journey, I highlighted and practiced my route. However, nothing prepared me for the notorious mosh pit known as C-wing intersection. Sure, I had a slight advantage knowing a few upperclassmen from volleyball, but that wasn’t much reassurance. Then came my first Eastside meeting, which was nerve racking! I envisioned the editors cackling and ripping my stories to bits, then delivering the bad news that my writing wasn’t up to par. But things brightened up after I placed second chair in the Symphony Orchestra and was invited to play in the Pit Orchestra for “The King and I.”

Yet throughout my freshman year, one question remained on my mind: Would I be able to balance everything?

Fast-forward to 2011. Nothing much has changed, except for me. I made it to the state playoffs for volleyball, became a boss navigating C-wing intersection, became an Eastside staff member, and even performed at Lincoln Center in NYC. I share special bonds and irreplaceable memories with the people I have befriended in the activities to which I have committed myself.

So my answer to my freshman self: You can do it all, if you give it your all.

Cherry Hill East is not your stereotypical high school – every day won’t be your best day. It’s nothing like High School Musical: it’s real and I wouldn’t have it any other way.