Senior Perspective: Jordan Wohl

Over the last four years, East has afforded me the opportunities that a city such as New York would. I have been able to go to Madison Square Garden/DiBart Gym to watch the Cougars win another basketball game. I have gone to Broadway/Auditorium to watch shows and perform in shows. I have gone to the United Nations/SGA meeting to work with other classes to make the school a better place. I have also been caught in typical New York Traffic out in the East parking lot. I have eaten in the swankiest of restaurants in Cafeteria Two.

With all of these opportunities, there is so much to do with such little time here at East. At East, when a new opportunity comes, no matter how different, take it. At East, I have performed on stage at Friday Night Live, worn a speedo on stage for Mr. East, and worn a diaper during Spirit Week. I ran for class vice-president four times and only won once. You may ask, why? I did it just for the thrill of it. Life is too short to not experience new things, even if they don’t turn out the way you hoped.

Looking now as my high school career slowly wraps up, I have realized that the only way to enjoy your stay at East is to be yourself. If you spend too much time caring about what others think, you compromise what makes you you. If you aren’t yourself, then who will be you? Take these opportunities that present themselves to you at East as an opportunity to show everyone who you really are. It is as the sign outside the auditorium says, “Let not the opportunity pass, for it may not return.”