Senior Perspective: Fangel Tung

When I came to East as a freshman four years ago, I had recently left my childhood home. I left all of my friends and the only city I knew to come to a new and mysterious place. I didn’t really know anybody and I was scared. These four years at East, however, have shown me that my initial fear was irrational.

High school is like a cocoon. You live in it until it is time to break out. You fight against it, get jacked along the way, and come out strong, able to fly. There will always be struggles, trials and fears—all of which make you stronger. And there will always be things to celebrate, too. What’s best is that you can experience them with the wonderful individuals who surround you.

These individuals became my new friends and they opened my eyes to something more beautiful than expected. The people. I met fabulous people four years ago and I continue to do so each day. The students and faculty here at East have shown me that there will always be good people, whether you’re in 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney or in Cherry Hill, NJ. Each person is special and, if you look hard enough, carries admirable traits.

Change, like moving, seemed daunting at first. But eventually I met people – great people – with whom I share my problems and delights. Remember, when troubles arise and something rains on you’re sunshine, guess who’s there? People; with umbrellas; on whom you can lean.

I am truly grateful for everyone I have met in high school for helping me unravel my cocoon (go muscles!) and teaching me how extraordinary each person really is.