Senior Perspective: Alex Swartz

Cherry Hill East: what an… interesting place to be for four years of your life. I never thought that my time at this high school would be the way it was. I never thought that I would make the friends I have now. I never thought that I would have a group of enemies that tries to publically humiliate me every now and then. Nevertheless, given the opportunity to reflect on my experiences at East, I will happily share my opinions about this school, whose student body reflects that at Hogwarts.

As a participant in National History Day and DECA, I had a fair amount of academic extracurricular participation. And quite frankly, I loved it. The NHD national competition, held at the University of Maryland, was one of the best weekends of my life. Between two high school years of participation in the competition, I had the opportunity to spend 18 months working with the same group of East students, putting together documentaries. And honestly our time together surpassed all results of the competition. Moreover, my time at DECA states was incredible.

Now, a little about the school. We’re eclectic. We’re cool. We’re weird. We’re unique. Every adjective (except painful, of course) could be used to describe my time at this three-story building. There was a time when I thought that East wouldn’t turn out to be that great.

But now, after almost four years of endurance, persistance, and perseverance while walking through C-Wing intersection, I had the epiphany that East has forever changed my life. Did it transform me positively or negatively? Well, that’s for others to decide…