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Pick of the week: April 4

Pick of the Week

Feeling bored and looking for something less wordy than a two-hundred paged novel to read? We bring to you suggestions for comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, and the like!

Britten and Brülightly by Hannah Berry

Genre: mystery, film-noir

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Synopsis: A tired, disillusioned private investigator named Fern Britten is sick of his nickname “The Heartbreaker” which he earned after constantly having to bring bad news to his clients.  He hopes to finally solve a case where the truth does some good to the world for once.  Which is why he decides to take on the case of Berni Kudos, a man who seemingly killed himself but whose wife Charlotte Maughton believes was murdered.  This comic is especially unique in that all art is hand-drawn/hand-painted and the letters inked in slanted handwriting rather than done on the computer.  This is a hard-boiled mystery for suspense lovers.  Author makes use of “neo-noir techniques” as seen in works by Christopher Nolan and the Coen brothers.

Story: 4/5

Art: 5/5

Consistency: 4/5

Comments: The beginning was great, the middle gets a bit confusing, and a nice plot twist near the end, rather unpredictable.  All in all, the story’s solid.  The art here takes the cake, though.  There’s definitely a melancholy air in the panels washed in dark blues and grays, but the use of traditional media is really beautiful and striking.  It’s also a relatively short read, just 1 volume, so great if you want to enjoy an entertaining mystery in one breath and be done with it.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

Where to read it: available at Cherry Hill Public Library.

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