Pick of the Week: May 9

Pick of the Week

Feeling bored and looking for something less wordy than a two-hundred paged novel to read? We bring to you suggestions for comic books, webcomics, graphic novels, and the like!


Savior by Benjamin

Genre: psychological, drama, abstract

Synopsis: Benjamin, a.k.a. Zhang Bin, is a Beijing-based comic artist known for his use of bright, jarring colors and realistic paintings done digitally on the computer with a graphics tablet.  His comic books are usually done in abstract art style.  “Savior” revolves around an angel from heaven who falls to a city that he is supposed to save (hence the title).  However, the city isn’t as he expected.

Winning point: art

Comments: I’ll say it right now: if you’re looking for a simple, easily understandable story to read, this might not do.  “Savior” clearly relies on the art more than the writing.  Being abstract after all, plot events are going to be quite confusing at times.  In contrast though, the art is absolutely stunning and sure to leave a great impression.   Nearly every panel is breathtaking.   This is also a one-volume comic, so pretty quick to go through.  Has a melancholy tone to it.

Overall rating: 8/10

Where to read it: available for downloading here (it only takes 2 minutes):  http://depositfiles.com/en/files/vn1xxd6ty