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The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


The School Newspaper of Cherry Hill High School East


Mario Kart takes over lunch periods

To kick off the Spirit Week lunch games in sixth period, a freshman, a sophomore, a junior and a senior were chosen to represent their classes in a Mario Kart competition.  Projected by a Wii onto a wall in Cafeteria 1, the game proved a true competition between the classes.
As the participants started the race, students from both cafeterias gathered around to cheer on their class.  Brian Plungis (’09), representing the senior class, took an early lead and the others followed in grade order with the juniors, led by Shane Kilduff (’10), in second, the sophomores, led by Matthew Bodofsky (’11), in third and the freshman, led by Ziv Wollman (’12), in fourth. Throughout the course of the race the juniors passed the seniors and the freshman passed the sophomores.  While Wollman held onto third place for the freshman, Plungis took back first, winning the game for the senior class in sixth period.

Prior to the Spirit Week competition, students from both cafeterias had the opportunity to play Wii tennis.  Anyone interested could purchase one game for 25 cents and three games for one dollar, with all proceeds going to Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


3rd Period:
1st – Juniors (’10)
2nd – Sophomores (’11)
3rd – Freshmen (’12)
4th – Seniors (’09)

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4th Period:
1st – Greg Monozewski (’12)
2nd – Rishi Sarkar (’10)
3rd – Louis Kramer (’09)
4th – Dan McDermet (’11)

5th Period:
1st – Freshmen (’12)
2nd – Juniors (’10)
3rd – Seniors (’09)
4th – Sophomores (’11)

6th period:
1st – Brian Plungis (’09)
2nd – Shane Kilduff (’10)
3rd – Ziv Wollman (’12)
4th – Matthew Bodofsky (’11)


    End-of-Day Results:

1st – Juniors (’10)
2nd – Sophomores (’11)
3rd – Seniors (’09)
4th – Freshman (’12)

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