Life from a central perspective

Kaneel Smith ('11)

Kaneel discusses stocks and bonds with his friends amidst the chaos of C-Wing intersection

Yo, man, what’s up? You might not know me by name, but you know who I am. I’m Kaneel Smith, and I am the man who with his buddies blocks up C-wing intersection every day.

Now, some of you may be wondering, Kaneel, why the heck d’you stand in the middle of C-wing intersection every day? Can’t you just stand off to the side like everybody else?

Well, of course I could, and y’know I would, but that place is already taken by my girl Tory and her friends! The middle of C-wing intersection is the only place left for us to stand! How else am I gonna catch up with my friends’ love lives? Or discuss the situation in Libya, huh? Or what if my buddies and I want to discuss the current status of our various stocks and bonds? These are very meaningful discussions, and cannot simply be held on the go, you hear? If I swing by my buddy Tyrique in the hallway and wish to discuss with him the thematic elements of Homer’s The Odyssey, we ain’t gonna get nowhere cuz we don’t have the time to have a full-blown discussion when we’re just passin’ each other by. You want a meaningful convo, you gotta stop and chat. And the best place to do so, is in the middle of C-wing intersection.

I’ve also heard that some of you haters are hatin’ on our volume, sayin’ we’re too loud. I say, you should be happy to be hearin’ us! We are having meaningful discussions over here, dawg, and you should feel enlightened to be exposed to the wisdom of me and my peers.

So in conclusion, I do not plan to move the location of our discussion circle any time soon. We ain’t goin’ nowhere. I hope my fellow students learn to appreciate the great knowledge and wisdom being imparted by us. Peace out, homes.