Italian American Club holds fourth-annual pizzelle-eating contest

On Thursday, December 21, 2006, the Italian American Club held its fourth annual pizzelle eating contest. Despite being given a 30-second delay during competition, Kevin Conroy (’08) and Blaise Gregorio (’08) succeeded in taking first place. This was Conroy’s second consecutive win.

“It ran well, everyonwww.leopardantiques.come was competing, no one gave up until the winners were decided,” said Mike DiMedio (’07), co-president of the club. “We saw some new competitors from the freshman class.”

Unlike last year, the club decided to make this a team event, rather than having individuals compete.

“It worked a lot better this year; it made it more even because you had the aid of a partner,” DiMedio said. “I’m not sure whether we’re going to do it this way again next year. Hopefully someone will dethrone Conroy.”

Next year’s competition may have a clear favorite; interested candidates, however, hope to change initial perceptions of the winner. Overall, the contest proved one thing, for sure: it is possible to have your pizzelle, and win it, too.