I am the biggest follower, but I won’t admit it

So, I like totally LOVE all the hottest trends. Usually, I secretly scope out what other girls are wearing and blow daddy’s paycheck on the next big dig. I was like, the third girl in middle school to start wearing Birkenstocks and I totally helped bring back Abercrombie and American Eagle as well as about 15,000 other girls my age at that time.

One thing I am like, totally obsessed with is ugGs. I already have brown ones, pink ones, and black ones. When they came out with ugGs slippers, I totally bought them immediately. I only buy the shoes that are in though, I have no independence or unique qualities, so going out on a limb and buying something different is, like, way out of my comfort zone.

High-waisted skirts were so totally lame until they were back in style. Now, I love them! Once, I saw Natalie Portman wearing a flower-print high-waisted skirt with a thick, chestnut, stretch belt and I HAD to have it. So, what did I do? I jumped in my completely overrated, black, soft-top Jeep and headed on over to the totally infamous Urban Outfitters and bought that same exact outfit! I wore it proudly the next day until I saw this girl in lunch wearing a Victoria’s Secret Pink sweat-suit and I HAD to have that too! After shopping at Victoria’s Secret, I went to Forever Twenty-One because, like naturally, all the coolest, most in-style, trendy girls shop there and I bought some dark brown, Knee-High, Calf-Zipper boots and three headbands with nineties-cliché, oversized bows. Why? Because they’re in. I am a closet-follower. I will never tell anyone of my covert shopping endeavors because I like totally just want to fit in and pretend that I’m as cool as the girls in the magazines and in my school who also follow all the latest trends. I just, like, LOVE all the hottest trends. Like, totally.

Hellamn bought this outfit after seeing Paris Hilton wear it.